How do the Online classes work? 

Simply register for the class/es you wish to take, and we will email you a Zoom link the day before class is set to start. Please save this link as it will be used for the entire session. Make sure you download your Zoom app if you don't already have one. Please do not wait until just before class to register, as we may not see your registration in time to send you a link.


What is the difference between Flamenco Fox™ and regular Flamenco classes?

Flamenco Fox™ is a friendly, no-impact class for students that may not be able to make a rigorous commitment but want to enjoy flamenco movements and music. It is also a class best suited for persons 45 and up with no dance experience or training. 

Regular flamenco classes on our schedule, even Beginner Technique classes are for students that are able and willing to make a rigorous commitment year-round and attend classes regularly in order to progress in their training. 

How much is tuition?

Tuition varies according to the duration of a given session or class. Once you complete your profile on our Registration Page, you'll be able to see all available classes and prices before you pay. Discounts are available and automatically calculated if you register for multiple classes and/or register more than one family member.

I'd like to take a class already in session, do you pro-rate?

Yes, we're happy to pro-rate but please email us first!

How do I get teacher's permission to participate in a class labeled "continued?"

Classes labeled "continued" or "choreography in progress" are carried over from the session before. Simply email us before registering if you're interested in participating and we can help you determine if it's a good time to join.

What should I wear to my first class?

You don't need everything listed below for your very first class and for our virtual classes, flamenco shoes are not required.

In general, you will need a long skirt that allows for plenty of movement and can be picked up easily, tights or leggings to wear underneath, a fitted top and flamenco shoes (for in-studio use).

Absolutely no open-toe or ballroom shoes!

We carry skirts and accessories such as castanets in our Flamenco Boutique and can help you find high quality shoes to order. Other options are also available in local Chicago dance stores.


I've never taken flamenco before, what should I expect?

Flamenco is not a partner dance, it is typically a solo art form. It is a dance that merges rhythmic footwork, upper body coordination and "braceo" (arm and hand movements), a knowledge of palmas (rhythmic hand clapping), and an understanding of the music and "cante" (songs).

All of these elements take time to absorb: the technique is complex and the music is intrinsic to the culture of Andalusia.

If you enjoy the journey more than the destination, flamenco will be a great fit for you!


I'm new to flamenco, but have lots of dance experience, can I skip the Beginner level?

While previous dance experience can certainly help in terms of posture and coordination, the music, rhythms and various forms of flamenco songs require a solid understanding in order to advance to higher levels.

Several sessions of Beginner level are necessary in order to move forward.


I've been studying for a couple years and want to advance faster, can I take the advanced classes?

What adds great complexity to flamenco is the tremendous variety of "palos," or song forms. An advanced dancer must be proficient in the rhythm and structure of most of these palos in order to interpret them. You can be in a beginner or intermediate class for years just learning various choreographies and familiarizing yourself with a given palo.

Taking an advanced class will not make you better unless you are technically and musically ready for the challenge.


Where can I get a bata de cola and how much do they cost?

Because of the labor involved and the high volume of fabric utilized, bata de colas are expensive and usually start at around $400.

Do it yourself or having one made is certainly an option, but not one that is recommended if you have no previous experience in building one; an understanding of how it moves and how it is meant to be manipulated is essential when constructing one.

Our students have used the following website with very good results:

Flamenco Closet Creations


Where can I find music to practice to?

iTunes carries a wide variety of the Solo Compás cd series which is a great place to start building a collection. They include rhythm only tracks at different speeds, footwork sections, guitar accompaniment and singing.

The most popular palos are great to have on hand: Soleá / Bulerías, Tientos / Tangos, Alegrías and Seguiriyas. Click here to hear a sample.

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