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"Chiara Mangiameli is a formidable flamenco dancer."

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Studio Mangiameli receives Best Of Evanston Awards

"Mangiameli has a clear passion for flamenco in its many forms...Her drive and desire to share this passion with her students and community in an accessible way is apparent. Her product and brand are polished, her persona elegant, and she makes clear her desire to go above and beyond to take flamenco and the conventional dance recital beyond its traditional boundaries."

Arts Intercepts

Article about Chiara Mangiameli in the Evanston Roundtable magazine.




Founded by Chiara Mangiameli in June of 2011 in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood, Studio Mangiameli makes it home today in the heart of Evanston’s vibrant Main-Dempster Mile and is one of the fastest growing flamenco dance studios in the greater Chicago area.

The mission of Studio Mangiameli is to offer a thorough immersion in the cultural art form of flamenco, inspired by the flamenco dance studios of Seville, Spain. Open to beginners as well as seasoned dancers, the studio offers a wide variety of classes, guest artist workshops, and an in-studio performance series called OFFSTAGE.

The studio also regularly mounts theatrical productions, under the direction of Artistic Director Chiara Mangiameli, to give students at all levels the opportunity to perform on a professional stage. In 2016 the studio was invited to perform in the Fiesta de Apertura of the 29th International Albuquerque Flamenco Festival, the largest US festival celebrating Spanish Dance.






Same old  routine got you down? Intrigued by Flamenco but feel intimidated? Then Flamenco Fox™ may be for you. 


Flamenco dance is movement inextricably linked with emotion, rooted in centuries of tradition, and performed to some of the most powerful music ever created. It's hands down (or hands up, as the case may be!) one of the best ways to strengthen the mind-body connection, keeping us energized and inspired into middle age and beyond. Now, drawing on her years of study with some of Spain's best flamenco artists, Chiara Mangiameli has formulated this special entry-level class to bring all the excitement and fun of flamenco dance to older students with little or no experience and varying levels of fitness. 


So whether your looking for a new way to jump start your morning, or a way to wind down after the stress of a hectic day, Flamenco Fox™ is a soulful and liberating alternative.


Improve balance, coordination and stamina without the strain of less fluid taconeo or "stomping". Challenge your brain as we follow complex rythyms in a fun and accessible way.

Best of all, feel the unique bond that forms as we learn to more fully inhabit our bodies and recapture our sensual selves.


Are you a Flamenco Fox?? Find out at Studio Mangiameli...


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